Boston Children’s Hospital Drives Progress with Health Accelerator

Health Accelerator pic
Health Accelerator

Roy MacDowell, a principal of Baystone Development, possesses more than four decades of experience in construction and real estate investment. Roy MacDowell maintains a strong commitment to giving back to the greater Boston area and formerly served as a trustee of Boston Children’s Hospital.

Since its inception, Boston Children’s has been a leader in pediatric health care research. In pursuit of its goals, the hospital created the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA), which is designed to implement technology in building better health care delivery options for pediatric patients. Through IDHA, the hospital engages with startups and industry leaders around the world to provide relevant data, clinical expertise, and other support needed to create better health care products.

Ultimately, Boston Children’s aims to extend the reach of and access to the expertise of its staff members through IDHA. To that end, the team behind the project is particularly interested in supporting innovative ideas in remote care and clinical decision support, as well as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources technologies, which facilitate electronic medical record exchange. IDHA is also interested in developing software and other tools that can extend the hospital’s expertise and data in complex cases to health care facilities around the world.