Signs it’s Time to Replace a Driveway

Replace a Driveway pic
Replace a Driveway

Award-winning real estate developer and investor Roy MacDowell serves as principal for the Massachusetts-based real estate development and investment firm Baystone Development. Prior to accepting this role in 2009, Roy MacDowell served as the president and founder of the MacDowell company, a construction and landscape design firm that worked on everything from pools and terraces to driveways.

Most driveways can last for several decades, but they eventually need repairs and replacements. The following are a few signs that it’s time to replace a driveway:

Cracks: Driveways naturally crack over time due to the weight of a car and the effects of local weather. Small cracks can generally be repaired with liquid crack-fillers to decrease spreading of the issue. Unfortunately, this fix does not look very good when the crack is more than a quarter-inch wide and individuals may need to consider replacing their driveway instead.

Drainage issues: Water should easily flow off of a driveway and away from a building if the driveway is in good condition, so drainage issues are often a simple way of recognizing that a driveway needs replacing. If ignored, pooled water can increase the number of potholes and cracks and cause serious damage.

Age: On average, driveways last for 20 years when comprised of asphalt and 25 years when made from pavers or concrete. When a driveway starts nearing these ages, it is time to replace it, asthe materials used will begin failing. Even if there are no major cracks currently, issues are more likely to develop at a much faster rate once the driveway is old.