The Rivers School’s Conservatory Program

Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts


Now serving as Baystone Development’s principal, Roy MacDowell is the founder and past president of the MacDowell Company. In addition to his work in real estate, Roy MacDowell previously served as the president of The Rivers School’s board of trustees in Weston, Massachusetts.

The Rivers School created its Conservatory Program to offer musically-inclined students the opportunity to develop their skills via a challenging curriculum with the support of its talented faculty. Students undertake a rigorous program of classes, and regularly hold performances showcasing their work. Many who complete the Conservatory Program develop the skills required to attend some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and music schools, such as London’s Royal Academy of Music and the New England Conservatory of Music.

Students immerse themselves in a stimulating environment that combines musical training with intensive academic study. The Conservatory Program offers 15 advanced placement (AP) courses and a range of honors courses, in addition to providing students the opportunity to join their peers in numerous musical endeavors such as men’s and women’s choruses, jazz combos, chamber ensembles, and orchestra.


Boston Children’s Hospital Research Finds Kidney Regeneration Strategy

Boston Children’s Hospital


A veteran real estate developer, Roy MacDowell serves as a principal at Baystone Development outside of Boston. Roy MacDowell has remained active in the community through a number of leadership positions and is a former trustee of Boston Children’s Hospital.

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital recently found that a gene named LIN28 is linked to approximately one-third of the cases of a pediatric kidney cancer called Wilms’ tumor. In mice models, blocking the gene caused disease regression. Researchers hypothesize that blocking or deactivating the gene in humans could have a similar therapeutic effect.

Further investigation of LIN28 in mouse models revealed that controlled expression of the gene could actually cause new kidney growth. Thus, the gene could also play a role in kidney regeneration in adults who have experienced kidney damage. The Boston Children’s Hospital team is now working to see exactly how LIN28 relates to kidney development and how it could be used to trigger kidney regeneration.

Important Sustainability Research at the NAIOP

National Association of Industrial & Office Properties  pic
National Association of Industrial & Office Properties

An experienced real estate professional, Roy MacDowell is a principal with Baystone Development in Weston, Massachusetts. To stay involved with his professional community, Roy MacDowell is a trustee of the National Association of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP), a commercial real estate development association.

The NAIOP conducts research in many fields related to commercial real estate development, including sustainability. In recent years, sustainability has become an important issue and something that tenants, even commercial ones, are increasingly looking for in the spaces that they rent.

On its website, NAIOP has published a number of research papers that will help developers understand how to make their properties as green as possible. One paper, for example, looks at different energy-harvesting devices that buildings owners can install on rooftops to see which are most effective in various environments.

Another paper looks at LEED design approaches for larger spaces, including warehouses and distribution centers. Yet another great resource examines the federal and local government incentives for green construction to show developers how they can get the largest return on their investment.

The Greater Boston Real Estate Board – Scholarships for Students

Greater Boston Real Estate Board pic
Greater Boston Real Estate Board

Real estate developer Roy MacDowell serves as a principal of Baystone Development, a firm based in Weston, Massachusetts. Accordingly, Roy MacDowell maintains membership with the Greater Boston Real Estate Board.

The Greater Boston Real Estate Board, established in 1889, represents 8,000 real estate and land use professionals across all sectors of the industry. It supports property owners, managers, and sales professionals by giving them up-to-date information and ample networking opportunities within the real estate world.

In order to support the next generation of real estate professionals, the Greater Boston Real Estate Board operates a scholarship foundation for undergraduate students. Established in 2012, the GBREB Foundation Scholarship helps students from low income backgrounds access a postsecondary education.

The Foundation awards scholarships in amounts between $1,000 and $5,000 each year. Winners are selected based on need, scholastic achievement, community involvement, and a written essay. All graduating seniors in the Boston area are welcome to apply.